Visit  which is my Linkedin Profile of Testimonials from Real Business Owners & CEOs. Please feel free to add me as a contact on LinkedIn. Statistics show that over 65% of SEO & Search  Marketers Testimonials are simply fabricated or are made up. Here is what people are saying about our work!

Bill Cook VividTrading Testimonial

Bill Cook

Marketing Expert Driving Leads to Local Businesses

I am happy to recommend Cruise to anyone who needs help getting found online. He really does know how to help get sites to the first page of Google for phrases that your clients are looking for.

VividTrading Roshan Runnoo

Roshan Runnoo

SEO Expert, Driving Organic Traffic And Leads

Cruise Rodriguez is a knowledgeable and savvy SEO expert who gets remarkable results when it comes to ranking his client’s websites. He can help you gain a multitude of online exposure on the first page of Google. I highly recommend Cruise.

Noah Arnold Vivid Trading

Noah Arnold

Search Marketing Consultant and SEO Expert.

For an online web presence which lasts, organic rankings which convert, and ultimately a more prosperous business, I'd have no problem working with Cruise again. He's fast, present to what's working and what isn't, and has skills at his disposal that are sure to tip the scales to your best benefit. Thanks again Cruise!

Karel cernoch vivid trading

Karel Cernoch


Cruise has the ability to move your business to the number one position of Google. Working with him has been a pleasure he is dedicated and passionate.

Jhonny Castillo vivid trading

Jhonny Castillo

Cruise is a true expert when it comes to search engine optimization. II had the opportunity to work with him in a project and I can not recommend him enough. If you are looking to grow your business and get more leads and clients, he is the right guy!

James Whelan vivid trading testimonial

James Whelan

President & Nationally Recognized SEO Website Security Specialist & Click Fraud Investigator

Hello All, I would recommend Cruise to anyone in internet marketing that is looking for a continual lead flow for their businesses. Cruise stands by everything he says. Most importantly does what he says he's going to do. So few people like that. He brings much value to my business.

Michael Amatulli vivid trading testimonial

Michael Amatulli

Lead Generation Expert

I've worked with Cruise on a few search engine optimization projects in the past, and each time I've learned something new from him that I can implement into my own clients' businesses. Not only is he an expert in the field, he is a perfect example of how digital marketing should be done. Cruise comes highly recommended.

Roger Cortez vivid trading testimonial

Roger Cortez

Rocor SEO

Cruise is an amazing search engine optimization expert. There will be many that talk about how much they know but won't be able to deliver results. Make sure to reach out to Cruise for a proper assessment of your business website!

Dor Israeli vivid trading testimonial

Dor Israeli

North Star SEO

Cruise is very professional and highly skilled. He takes care of his customers and delivers great results by ranking listings on Google for the most competitive keywords. Highly recommended!

Rob Cushing vivid trading testimonial

Rob Cushing

Founder at Port & Starward

Cruise is a digital marketing expert who gives everything he's got consistently! He's trustworthy and communicates well...working with Cruise on collaborative SEO projects in the past, I've found him to be a forward thinker when it comes to achieving the top SERP rankings. Because I know he'll take good care of your business and bring you to online success, I recommend Cruise (before he becomes too busy to take on new clients)!

Nicholas Wright vivid trading testimonial

Nicholas Wright

Ranking Rescuer

Every company needs a consultant that can position them in the right places to gain leads and customers. Cruise Rodriguez has this positioning technique down to a science. He has earned the title of expert in the field of digital marketing.

Nsimba Mpaka vivid trading testimonial

Nsimba Mpaka


Cruise Rodriguez has a strong foundation in the area of search engine optimization. Cruise is very resourceful and insightful with the latest technology and strategies needed to make your mark in Google, along with a pro-active characteristic.

Thomas Faulkner vivid trading testimonial

Thomas Faulkner

Restaurants Revenue

Cruise is literally completely above the rest of the competition. His methods are tested and proven. If you have second thoughts about other digital marketers save you time and go with Cruise.

waqar Ali Vivid Trading Testimonial

Waqar Ali

Globally Established Internet Marketer

I am happy to endorse Cruise Rodriguez to anyone that is looking to get to the top of good. Cruise can generate massive amounts of traffic.

Alan Robertson Vivid Trading

Alan Robertson

Ascendant Search Marketing

Cruise brings a lot to the table as an SEO. Not only does he use today's most powerful, stable and effective ranking technique but he does a phenomenal job with clients; he has a talent for putting himself in their shoes and really understanding their business goals. If you get the chance to work with Cruise, I recommend you take it. Once he sets his mind on ranking your business' website he has the power and targeted focus to take you straight to the top.

Vivid Trading Shane Karp

Shane Karp

Marketing Consultant

Cruise is a top-notch marketing expert, a wise business person and an incredible coach who will propel your business to the sky. Your reputation is in good hands.

Jeff woodard vivid trading

Jeff N Woodard

Singapore SEO Consultants

Cruise is a top-notch marketing expert, and can get you to the top of Google, bringing you business. Good to work with, and we recommend him highly.

Amy Ou Yang vivid trading

Amy Ou Yang

Hurricane SEO Agency

Cruise Rodriguez is extremely professional and his skills in search engine optimization and social media marketing are vast! If your business needs a better presence on the internet, and you are ready to scale up your traffic - then you need to partner with Cruise! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Harley Lara vivid trading testimonial

Harley Lara

Digital IronFoot

When it comes to SEO, Cruise is a very talented. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the team to get the job done better than anyone else. He demonstrates a great combination of skills and commitment, delivering extraordinary results. I would recommend Roshan's services to anyone who is searching for quality search engine marketing.

Janice Isable vivid trading testimonial

Janice Isable

Owner of JAM Consulting

Cruise Rodriguez is a forward-thinking SEO and he knows how to adapt to a changing Google algorithm. This gentleman has lots of knowledge and can bring you more customers and revenue.

Willa Smith vivid trading testimonial

Willa Smith

Bloggers Boat Technology Pvt.Ltd

Cruise is truly a great person. He is one of the best SEO and internet marketing experts in the industry. He is great to work with and takes the time to explain everything so you can understand. I highly recommend him for all your digital marketing needs. Always a source of knowledge and constantly looking to update his skills and experience in the world of SEO.He is very hard working and determined to keep improving and becoming the best. He has all qualities needed for a top SEO. he is very passionate about his work, and cares about his customers. I'm really happy to be able to share ideas with such a resourceful marketer.

David McCallum vivid trading testimonial

David McCallum

SEO Expert at West Coast Digital

Cruise is one of the most honest people I know. He gives you advice that is truly in YOUR best interest. If you are looking for a Seach marketer look no further. He will get you the desired results 🙂

Lloyd Wendt vivid trading testimonial

Lloyd Wendt

iDetecht Solutions

I had a chance to work with Cruise on a client SEO project. He's the real deal! He discovered a major problem as to why Google was not ranking the website past page 2. Once we addressed the problem, smooth sailing from there. Google pushed our rankings to page 1.

Brian Eric Shepard vivid trading testimonial

Brian Eric Shepard

Shepard SEO

Working with Cruise together in our mastermind was a pleasure! His knowledge of digital marketing was insightful and helped us develop a better campaign for a potential client. Looking forward to partnering with you in the future!

Richard Hylton vivid trading testimonial

Richard Hylton

Capital City SEO

Cruise finds unbelievable traffic sources that can position your company for long-term growth. He simply goes to work using white hat techniques that improve your company’s visibility on the web. Make Cruise a part of your marketing plan, ASAP.

Roman Prokopchuk vivid trading testimonial

Roman Prokopchuk

Senior Results Driven Digital Marketing Executive

Cruise has an approach to seo that is proven to move your site and generate revenue and increase traffic. He strives to deliver for every campaign he works on wether it be onsite, offsite, or technical seo. He is results driven and always goes above and beyond to deliver on ROI for clients.