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Designing and creating websites, that are built to rank for the future. Making clients happy by ROI !

Vivid Trading's brand promise is to build your online brand which puts your business in the location that allows customers to find you. We promise to stay ahead of the latest changes in Google.We are a part of an elite mastermind community that builds thousands of websites that rank #1!!

Web Standards

We Structure every website with up to date WC3 standards. Set your web-site up right the first time. 


 We SEO experts (humbly of course) but we are apart of an elite mastermind group that includes the best in the industry. We test and retest to ensure the absolute best results and what is working and what to stay away from. Your website is in the best hands. 


We send monthly reports with rankings. We ensure you know what is going on with your campaign. We keep you up to date. 

Worry Free

Month-to-month contracts.  Why pay for a service that can not deliver. Paying a company that can not get you the resutlts is pointless. Do not be stuck with other guys. 


Happy Clients


Projects Completed


Completed Campaigns
Phase 1

Breakdown your website and determine errors that are not up to date with industry Web Standards.  Here we develop a marketing strategy with search engine optimization. 

Phase 3

We then systemize your web presence from the inside out, developed for Google search engine #1 rankings.  We build you a website that is not only pretty but also generates new traffic to your business. 

Phase 2

Locate the best keywords that will ensure the best ROI to increase your bottom line.  

Phase 4

Blast away, this is when you know that your branding is complete. we are starting to generate real traffic. Now that your branding and marketing is complete. This is where we start seeing the real results. Your website is not generating some buzz in your nitch.  Next, the best part is waking up to to a number #1 position. You are in the best hands!

Certified Google Partner

As a Google Partner Vivid Trading has the inside scoop on what going on with Google behind the scenes. We stay ahead of the game!!!

Google cert
How We Work on Our Projects

We help educated business owner on how search marketing works

Website Optimization

We structure your website for optimization in the google Search Engine.


We follow industry standard best practices.

Social Media & Directories

Find and Setup the best Social Media Platforms and Directories for you branding. 

Need for Information
About your website

We will make make you a free Video analysis about your website. Fill our our Discovery Forum and  we will get that out to you in 24-36 hours. 

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Picking Out A Great SEO Company

Once you decide that your business needs help with online marketing, it's very tempting to pounce on the first SEO company you locate. After all, the online marketplace is a fiercely competitive world; every day you go without making positive changes is a day lost to your competitors. Resist that urge! Choosing your SEO firm deserves careful thought.

You want to work with professionals who can offer you a blend of effectiveness and affordability. The seven suggestions listed below will help you zero in on the perfect SEO partner.


1) Get A Response Tailored To Your Size

While SEO is useful for businesses of every size, there is no cookie-cutter playbook of optimization strategies that work for every business. You need a solution that's tailored to your needs in multiple ways, and one of those ways is by matching your company's current size. Vivid Trading Media recognizes this vital fact and tailors its services to each client individually. This includes offering a range of pricing options to suit both big and small companies.


2) Intelligent Keyword Selection

Selecting the keywords your optimization efforts will focus on makes a huge difference in the overall success of your marketing. More intelligent keyword choices will deliver faster improvements in your site's ranking and more potential customers on your site. Vivid Trading Media starts by analyzing your existing site and your business to determine which keywords are already important to you. Analysis and research are conducted to uncover additional terms which will help you reach a broader audience. You'll receive full reports on which keywords are most important - and why.


3) Great Customer Service

Online marketing is unfamiliar territory for many business owners. You'll be looking to your SEO experts to provide guidance and explanation for the new work you're doing in this field. A good firm should always be close at hand to answer your questions and address your concerns. Even better, you can count on real experts to foresee your key concerns ahead of time and take steps to handle them on their own initiative. A trusted, skilled SEO team will work with maximum speed and efficiency to produce faster positive results.


4) Trustworthy Efficiency

As with any professional consultant you hire, an SEO company will take a little time to earn your trust. It's common to spend extra hours working closely together at the start of your relationship in order to make sure that your optimization team understands your priorities and your goals. Once a bond of trust is established, though, you need a team that gets to work with real efficiency. Speed is important in taking full advantage of the optimization opportunities available to you; the right SEO firm understands the need to strike a balance between keeping you informed and seizing the initiative on your behalf.


5) Reasonable Pricing

Even before your optimization campaign goes live, it needs a tremendous amount of skilled attention. Planning an effective strategy, researching keywords, and setting out actionable plans all take a lot of hard work. It's usually not a good idea to aim for the lowest bidder if you want this work to be done well, but that doesn't mean that you need to resign yourself to paying the highest possible prices for optimization help. A professional SEO firm will give you fair pricing that covers exactly what you receive from your team - no more and no less.


6) Full-Featured SEO Includes Linking

Identifying the right keywords and deploying them properly on your website is only one part of a proper SEO campaign. You need professionals who also understand the importance of building valuable links to and from your site and other valued sites. How your site is structured and the way its pages connect to each other matters too. A good team will analyze your existing internal link structure and suggest effective improvements that increase your search engine ranking.


7) Goal-Oriented Optimization

Vivid Trading Media understands that delivering professional results is all about the big picture. When it comes to search engine optimization, that means looking a step or two past simply improving your rankings and sending more traffic to your site. SEO only matters when it has positive results, so your optimization consultants need to be focused on turning more exposure and more traffic into more profits and more customers.


Working with the right search engine optimization team can have tremendous positive effects or your business. A company that gets you off to a good start with optimization and follows through with continued improvements can have help to provide your business with an ever-growing stream of fresh internet visitors. Keep the seven points provided here in mind when you start your hunt for the ideal SEO partner.

Presented here you'll see actual screenshots of the results you get when you plug the terms "NJ Seo Agency, NJ SEO firm," SEO consultant NJ," and "SEO marketing NJ" into Google. As you can see, Vivid Trading comes out on top in each case. We've achieved this ranking competing against other professional firms that are entirely dedicated to search engine optimization. What do you think we'll be able to do for you?


No matter what your niche is, if your business's website doesn't show up on the first page of Google results for key search terms, you're turning your back on a huge number of potential customers and losing their business. Are you wondering why local SEO matters? It's because easy internet access and smartphones have replaced traditional reference sources like the yellow pages for more and more consumers. A quick local search is now the preferred way to find out about local businesses when potential customers go looking for products and services like yours.


If you want to stand head and shoulders above your competition, we can help you improve your Google standing for both regular and mobile searches. Let's get started with a free look at your website and professional consultation session. We'll let you know how you're doing and show you how we could help you do better. Check out this video for a longer look at the different services we offer.


Get in touch with us at 973-888-9199 as soon as you're ready to get started!